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    VALLEGRE - Vinhos do Porto, S.A., is a Portuguese company with centuries-old tradition which has embraced the continuity of a family business for five generations deeply rooted in the Douro region.

Producer and exporter of high quality and prestigious Port Wine, DOC Douro and DOC Moscatel Douro wines.

Highlights not just the results of the expansion and modernisation over the years,

but also how the family-rooted ancient wisdom has been preserved.

Producer and exporter of high quality and prestigious Port Wine, DOC Douro and DOC Moscatel Douro wines.
  • The head office is located at Quinta da Vista Alegre, in the heart of the oldest Demarcated Winegrowing Region in the world - the Demarcated Douro Region - in the Cima Corgo sub-region, just a few kilometres from Pinhão. The unspoilt and magnificent surrounding landscape, given its privileged geographical location, offers visitors breathtaking views of the Douro River.

    Its points of interest are of outstanding natural beauty, in perfect harmony with nature, remaining etched in memory through a sharpened sense of sight - unique pleasures in the love of rurality, the scenery and nature itself.

  • The Quinta's vineyards have a long-recognised history of producing wine, dating back to the 19th century. This is the conclusion drawn from books specialized in strain typologies and from some of the abandoned terraces, known as "mortórios". At the start of the 1970s, the company changed from a sole proprietorship into a limited liability company under the name - Sociedade Agrícola Barros S.A..

    In May 1998, the company changed its name to VALLEGRE -Vinhos do Porto, S.A., resulting from the merging of the names of two of its most important Quintas - Valle Longo and Vista Alegre - but retaining its markedly family nature that spans five generations.

  • Thus, VALLEGRE is a private, family-based, modern, entrepreneurial and dynamic company. Creativity, Innovation, Quality, Customer Satisfaction´s Principles, Well-being of employees and Respect for the Environment, are laid down in the Mission, Vision and Values of the Company.

    The production of DOC (Controlled/Protected Denomination of Origin) wines continues to be its primary aim: DO Porto, DO Douro and DO Moscatel Douro of the highest quality which are nationally and internationally renowned. Nowadays, the wines are sold and enjoyed in over twenty seven countries and the countless prizes and distinctions achieved in several international competitions prove the excellence of our quality.

Cellar for the maturation and ageing of Port. The cellar has unique and beautiful features, offering visitors a welcoming and mystical atmosphere.
It has typical Douro, centuries-old schist architecture, with the necessary infrastructure for the tranquil ageing of wines in wood vessels over one hundred years old, such as casks, vats, barrels and kegs.
2013 will definitely be a milestone for the future of VALLEGRE, since the investment project, "Construction of the Sabrosa Operational Centre (SOC)" was finalised.

This project is of major importance to Vallegre as it will strengthen its ability to respond to the demands of the ever more competitive and demanding market. It embraces solutions that have been adopted to significantly and continuously improve the company, optimising its response capacity in terms of bottling, storage and logistics.
It has an underground cellar with an area of 1,000 m2, designed for the storage of DOP Port and DOP Douro wines, in exceptional control conditions, both in terms of temperature and moisture. The building also has oak casks and French oak barrels.
This investment provided the company with greater production capacity, which ensured it was more efficient in both quantitative and qualitative terms. The layout of the new facilities with the new equipment permits a significant improvement in productivity, resulting in an obvious reduction of costs, more efficient inventory management and the ability to achieve greater agility in meeting deadlines as well as driving significant service improvement.
The positive effect of the investment on the local and regional socio-economic fabric is also felt, as well as the greater motivation and dedication of all employees.
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