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VALLEGRE enters into a consortium in the SMARTAGEING project 23 maio 2022 Back
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Project no. 047021

Project designation | SMARTAGEING - Decision Support System for the Aging of White Port Wine

Support within the scope of the System of Incentives for Technological Research and Development (SI ID&T) R&D Projects in Co-promotion

Main objective| OT1 - Strengthen research, technological development and innovation

Intervention region | North

Beneficiary entity | VALLEGRE, Port Wines, SA

Approval date | 11-18-2020

Start date | 01-07-2020

Completion date | 2023-06-30

Total eligible cost | €149,239.66

European Union financial support | ERDF - 106,877.88 EUR

The objective of the SMARTAGEING project is to increase the predictability of the aging process and the development of instruments that make it possible to significantly improve the ability to monitor, in real time, the evolution and quality of White Port wine, but also to act on parameters determinants of this aging process.

The technology to be developed should therefore allow the monitoring of the aging process of White Port wine, and simultaneously act, in real time, on critical variables, with the aim of optimizing this process, and allowing the achievement of a consistent quality of the final product.